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Do you have a house that requires restoration to become habitable again? Are you there wondering whether it’s possible and if yes, can’t figure out the right place to begin?

The process of restoring a house or building to perfection requires the highest level of professionalism. You should find people you can trust. You need people capable of listening and understanding your opinions and ideas. It is imperative that the professionals offering the house restoration service get things right from the very beginning. That’s why we are here.

You can now put your worries aside because you’ve come to the right place. Grand Cleaning Solutions is your home for all types of house restoration services. Our team will provide an outstanding restoration service in an attempt to get things back to normal for you in the least amount of time possible.


We can help you with the following challenges:

  • Mould removal and water damage restoration

One of the biggest challenges that homeowners struggle with is the growth of mould. Mould growth is usually blamed on the presence of residual moisture inside a property, which mostly originates from possible leaks or unfavorable climatic conditions in the area. If you’ve been struggling with mould infestation and you’ve tried nearly everything to get rid of it without any success, it’s because you’ve not tried us.

The first step towards ensuring successful mould removal is to inspect a property to establish the causes, and that’s what we do at Grand Cleaning Solutions. Once we’ve identified the underlying cause, we address the source accordingly before proceeding to remove the mould from your house. Our house restoration central coast technicians will also give you free advice on how to prevent possible mould infestation in the future. We feel obliged to help our clients eliminate mould problems in their houses once and for all – primarily due to the health issues associated with mould formation in a house.

  • Fire damage restoration

Everyone dreads fire accidents. Irrespective of the size, fire incidents/accidents can be destructive. Dealing with its occurrence is enough trouble for a homeowner, and you might have difficulties returning your house to the way it was pre-fire. We are here to simplify things for you so that you can handle other important matters. The other aspects of your life need not come into a standstill as you seek to get your house in order. We can handle the fire damage restoration on your behalf. By the time we are through, you will be glad to have your home back.

After performing a thorough inspection of your house, we will proceed to look for and remove ash, foul odours, and numerous other traces of fire. From there, we will get rid of the soot present on your carpet, furniture, walls, and other damaged items. We will also help you determine the things that can be restored instead of replacing them to minimise your costs as much as possible.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our house restoration service is highly affordable. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all package. Instead, we customise packages for our different clients to deliver only the best.
  • We are licensed and insured. You can rest assured that in case one of our technicians suffers an accident, you will not be required to bear the cost.
  • We guarantee you round the clock availability.
  • Our technicians are not only experts in house restoration, but also friendly and easy to work with.
  • Guaranteed timely completion of projects and within the budget.

Do you need help immediately?

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